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I paint the landscapes and wildlife around me.  My media for plein air work are watercolour and pastel. For my studio works, I am currently using a mixture of monoprints and acrylics on canvas.  My style is dynamic, using both traditional and innovative media and techniques.  Having taken an Honours degree in Natural Science (Zoology)at Oxford, I have always maintined an interest in natural history and this informs my art. 

My most exciting years were spent in the paradise that was then the Solomon Islands, where I painted the magnificent, pristine rainforests, mangroves and coral sea. I have included a few of these works from my Solomon Islands Journals in one of the Galleries on this website.  I met my husband there, in Honiara, Mike Bowman: mariner, chef, jeweller and restorer of steam locomotives. After returning to leave in Southern England and then Shetland, we eventually ended up on a strip of woodland and seasonal wetland in Humpty Doo, South East of Darwin. Well, not quite ‘ended'!

Among the many tutors, formal and informal, who have influenced me, I would like to thank (in chronological order) my Mother, Jane Worsnop (nee Ambler) who taught me; Miss Hardy at Oxford High School, William Bird and John Newberry in Oxford, various tutors at the City Literary Institute in London; Frank Haikiu in Solomon Islands, Tony Smibert and Judith White in Australia; and more recently, Dr Sarah Simblet of the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford.  

I am passionate about adult education and active participation in art. I believe that we can all draw and paint, it is part of being human. I tutor watercolour, pastel and Anatomy/life drawing classes at Casuarina Senior College and offer private tuition in watercolours.  Please send me an email if you would like to know more. 


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