Rats detail Black footed tree rats - detail. An elusive creature who enjoys our Carpentaria and Pandanus nuts is the graceful and intelligent Black footed tree rat, also known as the Shaggy rabbit-rat If I listen carefully, I can hear them chawing on those nuts at night. Their actual voices, chattering screams, are seldom heard and may be lost to future generations.

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Butterflies and other Wildlife

I include here some of my other wildlife studies, including those from the Territor Wildlife Park residency.

I collected butterflies for the Solomon Islands Government collection at Dodo Creek - which I understand was destroyed in the troubles.  I have not wished to capture them since, except as images. The Australian butterflies were from Humpty Doo and I thank Dr Don Franklin and the NT Field Naturalists Club for identifying them.  The Solomon Islands butterflies are in a notebook.  I have tentatively identified them from John Tennant's book, Butterflies of Solomon Islands.