title Is Anyone at Home? Is Anyone at Home? Charcoal with touches of pastel on grey paper, 225 x 55 cm (Collection of Charles Darwin University)

Gallery 1


I have known these particular trees for over 25 years - and most of them are much older than that. However they are unlikely to survive a change of ownership, the next drought or the next bushfire, so I wanted to record them.  Here in Australia we are still casually burning and bulldozing trees as if they are vermin, instead of treasuring them as fixers of Carbon Dioxide, as cleansers of the air we breath. Earlier this year, the Northern Territory Government even 'cut red tape' to make it quicker (and easier) to clear native bush land land held under pastoral tenure. At the time of this exhibition, applications for approval to clear over 13,884 hectares are pending (equivalent to over 38,000 football pitches and how much has already been approved in the last 18 months?)

So this small exhibition at Darwin Visual Arts is a quiet protest.