Watercolour And...(other media)

8 week evening class
starting on 21 July


Drawing: the line, the sphere and the cube
8 week evening class
starting on Tuesday 19 July 

at Darwin Adult Short Courses
also on my facebook page


SILVER - Exhibition of Drawings
opening night Friday 8th April at 6pm
Darwin Visual Arts, Harbourview Plaza
Gallery hours Wed-Saturday until 23 April


TREESCAPES exhibition of drawings

Darwin Visual Arts
9-24 July 2021

Prize winner - Flinders University Palaeontology Society,
Palaeo Art Prize 2021 - painting of Trilobites

The Drawing Book 
Short course at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, UK with 
Dr Sarah Simblet

My solo exhibition of large works on paper,
commemorating the wetland landscape 
at my home after fire. 

Invitation Swamp Tree Trunk Swamp Tree - 55x225cm Photo Lorikeets (aquired by Palmerston City Council)

Northern Territory Artist, Alison Worsnop

Welcome to my virtual gallery. I invite you to share and enjoy some of my paintings. If you would like to inquire about a commission or to buy a painting, please do contact me.  Please also see my new Facebook page:

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Creekscape 21

Gallery 1 - Treescapes 2021

Drawings from 2021 exhibited at Darwin Visual Arts View the gallery

Sapphire Creek - on the Adelaide River

Gallery 3 - Adelaide River

Works from my Exhibition at Disorder Gallery, Sydney in 2017 and later works inspired by the Adelaide River, East of Darwin. To view this Gallery, please go to pull-down menu at the top left of this Home page.


Gallery 2 - Threatened & Extinct Species

Includes some of my entries for Territory Wildlife Park's Exhibition in 2017 and the Northern Territory Threatened Species Network annual art shows:
> View the gallery

waterbirds at Fogg dam

Gallery 9 - Fogg Dam

Work from my residency as Artist at Fogg Dam 2015-2016 and exhibited at Tactile Arts Gallery in October 2017

View the gallery

Kingfisher med format

Iridescence - Kingfisher and two Damselflies

My Prize winning entry for the Katherine Prize 2015. This painting needs to be seen in person - the camera simply can't capture the shimmering surface of the paint. It is in Acrylic and collage on canvas and 100 x 77cm in size.
It is inspired by the seasonal Creek that passes through our property at Humpty Doo, with its tiny water lilies and other strange water plants. The Azure Kingfisher is one of a succession of Kingfisher species that visit the Creek at different stages of the wet season.

Pygmy Geese

Gallery 4 - Wings - Solo exhibition - May 2015

Inspired by Goose Lagoon at the Territory Wildlife Park these two tiny geese (in fact, they are small perching ducks) paddle nonchalantly through shimmering floodwater, amidst floating and submerged leaves. I would like to thank the Director and staff of the Park who made this painting possible, particularly Damien Stanioch.
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Black footed tree rat

Gallery 5 - Butterflies and other Wildlife

I contributed to the Solomon Islands Government collection at Dodo Creek when I lived in Honiara, I understand that unfortunately the collection was destroyed in the troubles. Some, including a few specimens of 'my butterfly' had been sent to the British Museum.
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Link to Gallery - Traditional Watercolours

Gallery 7 - Watercolours

Traditional transparent watercolours > View the gallery

Title Requiem

Gallery 8 - Requiem for a Landscape

My latest exhibition of works on paper at Darwin Visual Arts new gallery. Please go to the pull down menu at the top left of this page and select 'Gallery 8'