When you leave a place, somewhere you have lived a long time and loved, what mental images and sounds do you take with you – and what sounds would evoke those images?  Whilst I am not planning on leaving the Territory just yet (although this year when trespassers burned our block and the creek almost did not run it certainly crossed my mind) I have wondered what legacies of sounds and sensations I would take away with me, when far away from the tropical heat and vibrant colours. Bush Chook Bush Chook Fish 1 -2013 - Alison Worsnop Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish II - lurking Barramundi Jungle pond detail Alison Worsnop 2013 Jungle Pond with Satin Flycatchers - detail

Gallery 8

Tropical Voices

This gallery has the paintings I exhibited at Framed, the Darwin Gallery in March 2013